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July 2012 - Rolf

Name: Ashley Caldwell, Country: England
Question: Hi Rolf and the rest of the band, id like to know how and when you first got into drumming? What was your first drum kit?
Also, on just a general topic, what sort of TV shows and films do you like to watch?

Hi Ahsley! I got into drumming at the age of seven after being obsessed with music of Iron Maiden. I started to hit some pans and boxes and that's how everything got started. Shortly after I got my first drum kit which was Tama from the 70's. What comes to TV and films, I like documentaries and old school horror movies.

Name: Kate, Country: Spain
Question: What are your hobbies / pastimes?

I enjoy working out at the gym and trying to keep up healthy lifestyle in general when I am at home. And I still love to play drums as much as possible so I am always developing myself as a drummer.

Name: Rede, Country: Finland
Question: What´s the easiest what´s the most demanding Strato song to play? And what´s your favorite song and album?

There are certain challenges in all songs, but the most demanding for me is Visions, because it have many different parts and tempo changes and it's quite epic song. The easiest is definately Eagleheart as the structure is quite simple. My favorite song is Infernal Maze and same goes to Elysium album in general.

Name: Noam, Country: Israel
Question: Hi, I want to know please what kind of music/artists do you enjoy listening to personally and who have influenced you?

I am a music lover, so I am listening to everything regardless of style. Some of my all time favourites are Ozzy Osbourne (also with Black Sabbath), John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, Alice in Chains and Whitesnake just to name a few.

Name: Ryan, Country: USA
Question: What made you want to be the new drummer of Stratovarius?

I have been a fan of band since 1997 after hearing Visions and I have been dreaming about playing with Stratovarius ever since.

Name: Deb "Harma Susi", Country: United States
Question: Hi Rolf! First of all, WELCOME TO STRATOVARIUS! I was very impressed with your drumming technique! I was also smiling when I watched you play, because you really are having a great time and it shows! You are such a wonderful fit with the band! You are so young in age, but you are so mature in your playing! How long have you been playing the drums professionally, and what or who encouraged you to audition for Stratovarius? Also, how did you master the double bass? That is one thing I just can't seem to master! Kiitos! :)

Hi Deb and thanks for the kind words! I totally love playing drums so I can't help but laugh and smile when I am playing live. I have been doing this professionally for a few years before joining to Stratovarius. I got a lot of support from my closest friends and parents after I got asked to audition for Stratovarius, and it surely helped a lot! What comes to double bass, the key words here is consistency, discipline and persistence. My practice routine is really simple: playing straight double bass for 15 minutes without a break with metronome. Do this at least four times a week. It does wonders to your endurance and speed.
In few weeks you will see improvement for sure ;)

Name: Elodie, Country: France
Question: Hi Rolf and welcome to the group, what is your state of mind before your first concert with Stratovarius? I will be in the "summers end festival" and i look forward to seeing you all gathered on stage :-) kiss to all the team

Hi Elodie! I surely was excited as there was quite a lot to remember in our show and to see our fans for first time. We had an amazing show I surely will remember it for the rest of my life.
See you in Summers End Festival!

Name: Angel G, Country: USA
Question: Congrats on your new journey Rolf!!!!! My question for you is, will you or do you have any composition ideas and input when it comes to the next Stratovarius album. And if you did what elements can you add to the next album to grow the melodic yet epic sound of "Elysium"?

Hello Angel G! I'll have some arrangement ideas considering the drum parts for the next Stratovarius album. I will surely add some progressive influence to the overall sound of the next album.

Name: Ali, Country: Nicaragua Central America
Question: Hey Rolf congratulations!! My question is: who inspire you? John Bonham? Keith Moon? Bill Ward? Ian Paice? Lars Ulrich? What do you feel when you play drums?

Hi Ali! I am into these players who have this certain energy and attitude in their playing. I used to like a lot of technical drummers, but nowadays I prefer feeling, energy and groove over technicality. Some of my favorites are Cozy Powell, Tony Williams, John Bonham, Elvin Jones, Tommy Clufetos and Brian Tichy.

Name: Anna, Country: Latvia
Question: Hi, Rolf. I have got the only question to you - have you ever played in other bands before Stratovarius, or that's will be your first appearance on the stage?

Hi Anna! I have been playing in various different bands before and played a few hundred shows as well, but it's the first time with Stratovarius that I get to play in these huge stages :)

Name: Luis, Country: México
Question: Hello Rolf! First that at all welcome to Stratovarius :)
Which groups has influenced in your music, and which are your favourite groups?

Greetings Luis! There are so many different sources of inspiration that it is hard to name anything specific. Some of my favorite groups are Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Zappa just to name a few.

Name: Ida, Country: Finland
Question: Hi Rolf :) I want to ask you that how do you feel now being the new drummer of Stratovarius? Do you have any pressure about it (like how do fans feel about you) or are you one of those people that just take it day by day and don't stress?

Rolf: Hi Ida! I am feeling really excited and privileged to be a part of Stratovarius as I have been a fan for so long time. I don't take pressure about being in a band, but I am always aiming for better performance, so you could say I'm a stresser one :)

Name: Brenda, Country: Argentina
Question: Hi Rolf! First, Welcome to the Stratovarius Family :)
My question is: What you think when Stratovarius notified, you are inside in the band? Which was you reaction? Was easy adapt to the group?

I was really excited and hyped of course! I was on a gig during that day and I got the good news just before the showtime. It surely was a challenge to get my mind back to "performance mode" :) I have had an amazing time in a band so far, as the other guys are really nice and we have a good working chemistry. We have also played our first shows and everything is running up smoothly.

Name: Alexandru Ciacoi, Country: Romania
Question: Hey Rolf! I was wondering what are you going to do to improve the Stratovarius sound? Will you add a personal touch or just continue with the usual drum playing?

Hi Alexandru! I surely will add some progressive edge to the drum parts mixed with the influence of the "old" Stratovarius-sound.

Name: Mufasa, Country: Czech Republic
Question: How do you feel after some gigs? Is it how did you expect it?

Greetings Mufasa!

I am usually feeling like on steroids after the show because the energy you get from the audience. Shows are even more than I imagined, the feeling of excitement when thousands of people are in front of you and you're playing great music with such amazing musicians.

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