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August 2011 - Timo

Name: Carlos Porras   From: Peru
what musician is inspired you for be a singer?. 

Timo: As a singer I have been inspired by Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Joe Lynn Turner and Bruce Dickinson. When I was very
young I also listened to The Beatles and Elvis.


Name: R  From: Sweden
What is the most challenging stratosong to sing?

Timo: Some stuff are more difficult than other stuff. It depends if I am supposed to sing them live or in the studio. Sometimes
especially festivals can be hard since there might be some technical problems during the show. Meaning that I might
not hear all the other players well enough. But then again it's more fun singing live compared to studio situation.


Name: Marco  From: Italy
Dear timo,
I'm a great fan of yours, and this opportunity to write to you is like gold for me!
What kind of advice can you give to an amateur singer to improve his skills? :)
I would like to known more about your way to write text and musics, there are some particular things you do while you write song? Finally there are some book about your birth-land, you can recomend to me.

Timo: Hi Marco,
I would suggest to enjoy singing and let yourself go! Also it might be useful to take some singing lessons at some point to get
the technique right.
I am inspired by the nature and life itself. I have been writing lot of texts at my friend's cottage. I feel very relaxed when I am on the country side.
There are some good Finnish writers. I personally love Mika Waltari's The Egyptian.


Name: Pedro Lafosse From: Argentina
Hi! Timo, I'm a big fan of you! Of Stratovarius and each of you too, of course :D
I have many questions, but faded in my mind right now, so I'm going to water for the emergence of new. Well... :D
How you spend your free time?
How do prepare before concerts?
How did you feel in the first concerts, when you started singing in the band?

Timo: I am doing some sports (jogging, bicycling, gym), reading, meeting friends etc. I am warming up before every concert. It takes around 75mins. It's both voice warm up and mental concentration. I was quite nervous. I am basically a shy person but of course performing a thousand times in my life had given me more courage.


Name: DiegoMann     From:Peru
Many of the fans have noticed that your voice is not the same as in past years. How do you take this kind of critics? Will you still doing high notes in the next albums? Since you're not able to reach high notes like before, how does it influence in the next albums?

Timo: Just before christmas on a tour I got Cambylobacter infection due to contaminated food. That killed my voice almost completely for the next couple of months. I have been slowly getting it back and it's almost 100% cured now. Mentally that has been a very difficult time for me. To be on the stage and not really be able to sing. I know that many other bands would have cancelled their tour but we didn't want to do it. So we kept on going. That's propably why it took so much time to heal.
There are some very high notes on Elysium album. I can still sing high but I do think that my voice sometimes sounds better when it's not only very high notes that I am singing.
I have been singing very high notes for more than 20 years so I think I am allowed to sing some lower ones as well :)
When it comes to singing it's a bit different from the other instruments. Singers can have good and bad years. Everything is effecting your singing, touring, illnesses, stress, family problems, alcohol etc...
I can't tell you exactly how the next album will be. We have some ideas already but will propably start working on it next year.

Name: Bevan  From: Chile
Hi timo! When you were younger, was there some place in the world you have always wanted to visit? If you had, did you have the chance to visit that place while touring with Stratovarius?
By the way Elysium is an excellent album!:D

Timo: Hola Chile!
Since I have always been interested in history I wanted to visit some historical locations. Since I joined the band I have been visiting some cool places like Machu Picchu, Pyramids at Giza etc.
Before I joined the band I had not even visited many countries. Being in a band has made it possible for me to visit so many countries and meeting so many cool people all over the world.


Name: Saul Martinez  From: Mexico
What have on mind to do , after your Stratovarius Career End?

Timo: Propably I will be doing something related to music anyways. I am part of one production company and still have my own record label.
Nowadays I have also been doing lots of acoustic duo gigs with Jani Liimatainen. Singing acoustic music is really demanding and fun. It is totally different from
singing with the band.


Name: Victor Chavez From: Mexico
What's the oddest thing that has happened to you in a tour?

Is there someone you admire in the heavy metal world, someone you'd like to work with?

Timo: Hola Victor!
Oddest things might have been when I burnt my hand on Wacken festival 2002 or Jens exploding a toilet on our tour :)
Sometimes I am amazed how loud the crowd can be! Especially in South/Central-America!
Is there someone you admire in the heavy metal world, someone you'd like to work with?
I admire the career of Ronnie James Dio (RIP), Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale etc. It might
be fun to work with guys like John Petrucci, Michael Weikath, Tuomas Holopainen, Paul Gilbert and of course Jani Liimatainen.


Name: Vanilla From: Finland
Which three people you would take with you to a desert island and why? :D

Timo: Jamie Oliver (that he could cook me delicious meals), Robinson Crusoe (he would be there already) and Scotty from Star Trek (that he would beam me up when I will get
tired of being on that island).


Name: Arnau Molas   From: Spain
The album Elysium has demonstrated that Stratovarius returned full of power into the Metal scene. Do you think that this band can reach another time the top of the metal scene taking into account the difficulties that have plagued the group during the last decade?

Timo: I am very satisfied to the album! I think it showed that we can still do good albums and we are ready to take it to the next level. I am very sure
that with the next album we are more than back! It has been a very nice and successful tour with Helloween. We have played all over the world for tens of thousands of people.
And right now I am looking forward to the next headline tour.
This will propably happen next year!


Name: Paola   From: Argentina
Hello all, will make a DVD with the recent tour? would be gratifying for us fans :)

Timo: So far we have not filmed it yet. But we have some ideas, maybe we will do it even this year :)


Name: Joshua Nenonen  From: Finland
When the new Stratovarius or Kotipelto album is coming and is Cain's Offering band history or will there be new album some day?

Timo: New Strato album will propably come out late next year. There might be even some stuff coming from Kotipelto before that :) lets see.
About Cain's Offering, Jani has no plans right now.


Name: Durandal         From: Czech Republic
Timo, what the famous people like you are doing between song writing a tour?

Timo: You have to ask some famous people :) I don't concider myself that famous. It's true that some people know me, especially
in Finland but I am not big star. I am doing sports, reading, meeting friends etc. Also I am doing a lot of acoustic gigs, for a musician
it is very difficult just to stay at home and do nothing...


Name: Jasmi   From: Finland
Hi Timo! When you wrote your first song?

Timo: I think quite late. Maybe around 17. There could have been some funny songs when I was a young kid but I can't remember them :)


Name: Alessandro Candido   From: Italy
Excuse me for my bad english, but I'm only 15 years old. I haven't got any question, I write this mail only for express my opinion. I'm not a fan of nobody, but there are very few your songs that I don't like very much. I often listen your songs and I like them. In Italy all the metal isn't very much appreciated. My parents, my friends and most of the people that I know don't listen metal and don't like that I listen it. I listened your song for the first time by chance 3 or 4 years ago and I continue to listen them.
I don't want a reply to this mail, I only want express my opinion for your work... I know that the people like when somebody appreciates his work and I want to thank you for your very beautiful songs.
Good job 

Timo: Grazie Mille!


Name: Hisako From: Japan
You are a gifted singer.
in the old interview, you told that your talent came from your mother.
does your mother sing your song well? which song is her favorite?
I just love your long hair :)
do you think you still keep your hair long when you are 70 years old?
(I hope so)

Timo: My mom is still singing in a church choir. She has a very good ear and quite often complains about my singing :)
She doesn't like our fast stuff but some ballads are alright.
I keep my hair long for now, let's see how it is in the future :)

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