"Nemesis Days" is out now

'Nemesis Days' is out now!

'Nemesis Days' contains a brand-new 80 minutes documentary DVD following Stratovarius around the world. It reveals the story of 'Nemesis' and the evolution of the band. The fans who have remained loyal to the band for so many years are also an important part of this documentary DVD. Nemesis Days will also contain the full album 'Nemesis'.

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If The Story is Over Video

Stratomail on April 19th

On April 19th, we will be starting the new session of Stratomail. This means you will be able to ask your questions directly to the bandmembers, who will then answer a selection of questions here on this website.

For this new session you can choice a member of the band.

Please send your questions short and do not send us comments or other nonsense. Stratomail is for questions only!



There is no other word than 'magic' to explain what inspire an artist to create and one great song after the other, and to find the inspiration to fix on a record more than a special moment in each and every of songs.
It happens very rarely nowadays, especially in metal and especially for bands with so many albums in their discography to be compared to.
 'Nemesis' is the album that brought the mysterious magic in Stratovarius’ life.
The album blew everyone away and set the beginning of another start in the long history of the Finnish band.

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Stratovarius announce two Canadian gigs in September 2014

We are very proud to announce that Stratovarius have confirmed two Canadian shows. They will happen right after their appearance at Prog Power festival on September 12, 2014.

Prog Power was originally an exclusive North America appearance. As the opportunity to visit their Canadian fans again was a rare and very appealing opportunity for Stratovarius, Glenn Harveston of Prog Power has kindly confirmed that he is releasing the band from this exclusivity requirement.

The Prog Power 2014 tickets were sold out a long time ago, and as compensation to any fans who bought tickets because the band’s gig was announced as an exclusive, Stratovarius promise to at least play some exclusive and rare song material at the festival to make it a memorable experience.

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