Hela Luciarock/ Umeå nästa vecka har dessvärre blivit inställt. Det verkar ha varit ett problem med Dead by April. Beklagar verkligen detta! Och ungefär samma på Engelska. Luciarock/ Umeå next week has been cancelled. Sorry!

Competition winners

Thans you to you all for the competition.

The winners are:
Rafael C. – Prize: Tshirt
+ autograph card
Thanasis K. –
Prize: Elysium Collector vinyl + autograph card
Sarah C. –
Prize: Elysium Collector Vinyl + autograph card
Luis M. –
Prize: Elysium Collector Vinyl + autograph card
Amr H. –
Prize: Tshirt + autograph card
Erick O. –
Prize: Darkest Hours EP + autograph card
Lucas D. -
Prize: Darkest Hours EP + autograph card
Tibor V. -
Prize: Darkest Hours EP + autograph card
Ekaterina P. -
Prize: Darkest Hours EP + autograph card

An email was sent to the winners and soon it will be at home for christmas! : ))

Elements Pt. 1 & 2

Stratovarius fans! Upload your favourite Stratovarius pictures with the hashtag ‪#‎stratovariuselements‬ on Instagram and win one of 5 cassettes from the "Elements Pt. 1 & 2 Box-set" - OUT December 5th 2014! All images will be displayed on


Due to unforeseeable and insoluble technical/logistical difficulties, the gig in Krasnodar Russia now on Sunday has been cancelled. Sorry!

"Elements Part1 - Elements Part2" Reissue on December 5th

With the albums “Elements Pt. 1” and “Elements Pt. 2Stratovarius succeeded with what only very few bands manage to achieve: they opened doors, tore down (genre) walls and created two milestones in progressive symphonic metal.
Both albums showed the Finnish band on top of their game and perfected the foundation of what was to become the instantly recognizable Stratovarius trademark sound.
11 years after their original release (and Top 5 chart positions in their home country Finland), both albums will be combined for a high quality reissue including exclusive bonus material. “Elements Pt. 1 & 2” will be released on December 5th 2014 on earMUSIC.

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